These are some examples of how the drill and treat method of termite treatments are performed. They are still practiced today by many company’s. We have learned to provide a much better service in a much less invasive manner with Thermal Imaging and Radar Detection.. Below are some images of a drill and treat method, not only does it cause damage and look terrible, it is not an effective treatment. See the difference with Thermal Imaging.

This foundation was drilled and treated with Termidor at full label rate. Termites returned several times in the first 2 years. We then performed our advanced thermal treatment using premise, and the home has been termite free for years.

This is an example of drilling a homes foundation to inject termite chemicals. After the holes are drilled the structure of a homes foundation is permanently altered.

This home had to have carpet removed, and the tile drilled for an old style drill termite treatment. The treatment was not effective.

These are the scars left after a drill and treat done to an Arizona home. Even with paint the home will never be the same


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Some thermal views of termite infestations hidden inside of walls. Termites can stay hidden for many years without any outward signs. If your termite company doesn’t know where the termites are, maybe it’s time to try Poor Boy Termite Control for an exclusive high-tech detection and treatment method, better than guessing. We appreciate our customers. THANK YOU