See termite detection and treatment like never before. Thermal Imaging. Radar detection. No more guessing. See the difference! We locate exactly where the termites are with Thermal Imaging. We then apply a liquid-foam combination with Premise directly onto the termites. We then detect with Radar detection to be certain the treatment was 100% effective. No more guessing. You deserve better than a flashlight inspection and a standard soil treatment for your home. It’s time for a 21st century solution for termite control. We can now detect termites in wood floors, bookcases and other areas that are in-accessible without the right equipment. We are a family company serving Arizona for 41 years. We do “termites only” and offer free estimates at affordable prices with one and five year warranties. See for yourself what a difference Thermal Imaging makes.




See the difference with Thermal Imaging

Below are examples of how a Termidor treatment is performed. Holes must be drilled every 12 inches either through the floor (pulling carpet or drilling tile or wood floors) or through the foundation and then a solution of Termidor is pumped into the soil under the structure. At this point it is up to the termites to go to the treatment. When inspecting with Thermal Imaging and detecting with Radar it became apparent that this strategy alone is not effective. Our strategy for termite control is to locate exactly where the termites are hiding then, directly inject a liquid-foam solution with Premise75 right onto them, very effective. See the difference with thermal Imaging.