These are some images taken of termites from around Arizona. These images are the initial signs you can spot by a visual inspection. We can find these type of termite infestations with our imaging equipment prior to them becoming visible. These images are a good guide for a homeowner to look for warning signs that you might have a termite problem.

Termites coming out of a wall. We direct-inject treated this infestation and returned in 30 days to find all the termites had been eliminated.
Four foot long tube hanging from ceiling in bathroom. There was extensive termite infestation in the ceiling and wall hidden from sight.
Termite queen we found living in a 2×6 in a wall of a Phoenix home. What’s in you walls?
Subterranean swarmers in a bath tub. This house has had multiple swarms inside. We located heavy infestations in the walls and ceiling in all rooms of this house.

Termites will do strange things when building their tubes. This is one example how they can get around conventional treatments by constructing around treated areas. We direct-inject into the tubing system thereby actually killing the termites and leaving treatment where they live.

Subterranean termite damage found inside a wall after we did a thermal scan. There was no visible signs of termites until wall was opened up. The owner decided on a remodel shortly after our inspection, and we found 15 areas of hidden termite infestation. We had already noted all the areas prior to remodel with our imaging equipment

Subterranean termite tube on the foundation of a home. This is one of the most common signs a homeowner will see.

Subterranean termite tunnel coming from ceiling in an Arizona home.

Subterranean termite tubing on a garage door frame. This Arizona home had many areas of termite infestation
Subterranean termite tunnel hidden on the foundation in a corner. These areas are difficult to spot without proper training.
Termites eating a book over 100 years old.
Dry-wood termite damage and pellets. This is a more rare type of Arizona termite. Drywood termites can be found present in most areas of the state.
Subterranean termite damage to a wood cabinet. The termites went unnoticed for years, and caused a lot of damage. Our advanced technology could have seen this a long time before this happened.

Dry-rot to wood ledge. This is often mistaken for termite activity. Rotting wood does seem to be a favorite food of termites in Arizona