Part of our interior termite treatment. We bring only clean portable equipment in your home. Our interior treatment procedures do not require you to leave, have no odor, and are almost invisible when done.

Both of these images are of the exact same wall in a north Phoenix home taken within minutes of each other. A complete thorough inspection was done of the home with a flashlight and other common termite inspection tools. No termites were found during the initial inspection. The image to the right shows clear termite infestation inside the wall. We found seven areas of termite infestation with our thermal imaging and Radar Detection. None of these infestations would have been found with a flashlight inspection. We also verified with Radar detection 30 days after treatment that treatment was 100% effective.

See the difference with Thermal Imaging


Thermal imaging camera being used to inspect a home for termites No guessing.

Detecting with radar to determine if the treatment was successful. No guessing.
Outside trench and treat of Arizona home. This is the main part of many company’s treatment protocol. We have found it to only be a small fraction of an Advanced termite management plan. There are many more aspects to a good termite treatment that can only be accomplished with advanced tools.
In order to stop termites, you must treat them where they are. You can’t stop termites by just treating soil down below. After treatment we detect with Radar Detection to verify that the termites have been stopped.

Thermal imaging camera being used to inspect a home for termites No guessing.